Click FASCA!!You will have an unforgettable growth this year!

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Date: 2016-03-02

Do you want to leave your comfort zone?

Experience culture, seek identity, expand ability, and develop your own leadership

Click FASCA! You will have an unforgettable growth this year!


Within three days you will find yourself unlimited potential, within a year you will be given an abundant growth!

Do you wish for any change in the status quo? Besides schoolwork, have you ever explored your other potential?

Do not hesitate! Quickly find your Chinese/Taiwanese students together to participate in the training program specifically designed by the Overseas Community Affairs Council for the overseas Chinese youth.

The project contains the three-day learning and training and a whole-year empowerment program. we have specially invited outstanding faculty members from Taiwan, Georgia, California and other regions together to constitute the tour lectures for both lively and vivid experience activities; after training, students may also be added into the Formosa Association of Student Cultural Ambassadors, referred to as FASCA, in participation of the "Follow-up Empowerment Program."  Through the service and learning of overseas Chinese activities, the Chinese youth have been cultivated and become a person possessing with strong culture senses and powerful leadership.

Leve your comfort zone and choose a different summer. In a period of three days of solid training, you will learn diverse skills, i.e. leadership, teamwork, community service, cultural experience and administrative practice. You will not only have a macroscopic view, but also have a full play of your personal creativity. Your potential will be well explored.

After three days of learning, you can join the "Formosa Association of Student Cultural Ambassadors", referred to as FASCA. In future, there will be a series of the "Empowerment Programs" planned by the Chinese Cultural Center, providing the opportunities in multiple learning, community services, etc.

 When student service hours are accumulated more than 100 hours, we will assist you in the application for the President's Volunteer Service Award (Currently not yet provided in Canadian region), giving you a broader road to your future studies.

Is your heart being tempted?  Do you want to know more Chinese/Taiwanese youth?

Join the FASCA, it is your best choice! Why not act now!

You will have a wonderful summer! Make more like-minded friends!












New York,


Los Angeles

San Francisco Bay






 "Training costs are provided by the R.O.C Overseas Community Affairs Council, you are kindly requested to cherish valuable resources by observing the following regulations.


(1) Ethnic Chinese youth aged 14 to 18

(2) Academic performance above Overall GPA3.2

(3) Basic Chinese listening and speaking capabilities.

  Registration and Precautions:

  1. Once accepted, students must participate in all training courses and activities, no single choice available.
  2. Students with the hours of attendance more than 90% shall be given a training certificate of completion.
  3. Deposit $ 100 (CDN $ 100) will be refunded on May 1, the following year on the condition that students shall have completed more than 90 percent of study courses, and after training, having participated in at least 3 items of the follow-up empowerment program by the end of April next year; after having participated in more than 3 items of the follow-up training activities, the deposit will be refunded on May 1 or later. Those who fail to meet the above demands, the deposit will not be refunded.
  4. If students unable to participate in the training for some reason shall submit the application 20 days before the class starts (including the date of start) 20 days before the application; otherwise, the deposit will not be returned.


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Contact Mail: <Taiwan Office>

Facebook page: https: //


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