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Culture Shock!Taiwan

The Rough Guide to Taiwan (Rough Guide Taiwan)

Taiwan A to Z: The Essential Cultural Guide

Ying Supporter: Light up one-mile road in Taiwan

Tsai Ying-wen: From the Negotiating Table to the Presidential Palace

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National Cultural Database, Ministry of Culture
Aborigines Council
Hakka Theme Pavilion, Hakka Council
Tourism Bureau, MOTC
Taiwan Environmental Association
Environmental Protection Department, Executive Yuan
Taiwan Country Profile
Taiwan Country Profile
Taipei Palace official website e-learning
Taipei Palace Learning Resources :


Taiwan Eco Blogs
Love Taiwan, A Century Dedication
Fun Taiwan ( English / Chinese subtitle )


Foreigner does not teach English
Five reasons foreign tourists so love Taiwan
Chinese landscape painting with Photoshop:
Landscape painting collage
Introduction to Landscape Painting
Landscape Painting Tools
American Historian Sino-US Online Courses Painted fan
Fan in Kinds (Chinese)
Fan Rib Making
Foreigners have a try to eat Taiwanese snacks (English)
Taiwanese Food and Culture
What’s up Taiwan: Sites in Taiwan
What’s up Taiwan: Culture in Taiwan
What’s up Taiwan: Femal Aesthetics in Taiwan
What’s up Taiwan: Male Aesthetics in Taiwan
Sun Moon Lake Resort in Taiwan
Technology and Museum Collection (Palace Museum)
2011: Time for Taiwan: My Beautiful Island
Taiwan so Spectacular (Amazing TW)
Modernized National Palace Museum (Chinese) :
The foundamental questions of curating
Curate an exhibition on campus
Creating an exhibition
Planning an exhibition
Exhibition implementation

Find Beautiful Taiwan in four seasons
Introduction to Taiwan aborigines in 14 groups and dance
Aboriginal ancestral culture dance troupe - Race ritual
Viewing Cloud, Fog, and Giant Tree - "Commonwealth Magazine" discovered the beauty of Taiwan
"Taiwan, Our Home"- dedicated to all of you who love Taiwan
"Bravo! Taiwan" !Experience the beauty of culture in Taiwan. TIME TO Marvel
"Like. Taiwan" 8 min in full version
Taiwan tourism global promotional film of 2015_Transit
"View on Taiwan from a foreigner perspective" CNN selected it to be Top 10 of Taiwan.
Discovery Taiwan so spectacular :Beautiful Taiwan (
Where the hell is that Taiwan guy (in 72 countries, 2014)

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